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Glide Cordless

Ez Mounting Rail Glide Cordless Room

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At Window Modes, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance the operation of residential roller shades for our customers. While traditional cordless shades have relied on a conventional spring mechanism, we’re excited to introduce a game-changing solution – the Glide Cordless roller system.

The Pitfalls of Traditional Cordless Shades

Many of us are familiar with the challenges posed by traditional cordless roller shades. The need to manually lower the shade and delicately unlock it for raising can sometimes result in unexpected issues. Wound too tightly in the factory, these shades may pose a risk of slipping away at the highest point of the window.

Introducing Glide Cordless: A Balanced Solution

Enter the Glide Cordless roller system – a balanced cordless solution meticulously designed to maintain perfect equilibrium between the weight of the fabric and the bottom rail. Unlike traditional cordless shades, Glide Cordless eliminates the need for unlocking the spring mechanism. A simple pull or push on the hem bar effortlessly positions the roller shade exactly where you want it.

Square Cassette Glide Cordless WindowGlide Cordless Square Cassette

Square Cassette Glide Cordless CloseupGlide Cordless Square Cassette close up

Ez Mounting Rail Glide Cordless WindowGlide Cordless EZ Mounting Rail

Ez Mounting Rail Glide Cordless CloseupGlide Cordless EZ Mounting Rail close up


Precision and Uniformity in Height Adjustment

Glide Cordless is the ideal choice for those aiming to align multiple shades in a room to the same height. Unlike other cordless systems that may lack fine-tuning capabilities, this innovative system ensures a seamless and uniform appearance for all your shades.

Say Goodbye to Overextending and Inaccessible Shades

With Glide Cordless, there’s no risk of accidentally pulling the shade down too far or struggling to reach the highest point. This advanced system provides a hassle-free and user-friendly experience.

Protecting Your Investment: The Clear Cordless Grip

Recognizing the wear and tear associated with constant touching of the fabric, Window Modes offers a solution. All Glide Cordless shades, featuring a heat-sealed hem bar as standard, come with a clear cordless grip. This accessory attaches easily to the bottom rail, ensuring that the fabric is never touched during operation, preserving the aesthetic integrity of your roller shades.

2 Glide Cordless Installation Images

Easy Installation with a Time-Saving Twist

All Glide Cordless shades come standard with a white mounting rail. Simplifying the installation process, we provide EZ mounting rail brackets with every unit, allowing for easy mounting comparable to a cassette. The perfect balance of the system relies on bracket spacing, a consideration we eliminate for you, saving both time and money on the jobsite.

Experience the Innovation: Order Your Hand Samples Today

Curious to see this revolutionary system in action? Contact us at to learn more about ordering hand samples. Witness the convenience, precision, and durability of Glide Cordless for yourself.


At Window Modes, we’re not just offering roller shades; we’re delivering an elevated experience in window coverings.



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