About Us

At Windows Modes, we believe window treatments are much more than just a functional product.  They create personal indoor and outdoor living spaces unique to each space and each client’s style and individuality.

Your Window Treatment Source

As your go-to window treatment supplier, we’re continually editing product lines to bring you new and innovative products.   Our company is the right size to offer these products and services from companies around the world that are competitive in function and style and superior to products provided by others in our industry at a competitive cost to you.   We design and develop our own components like brackets and extruded aluminum products to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Be on the lookout for continuing improvement and expansion!

We are a small fabricator in comparison to others in the industry and that allows us to have better control over the custom products we fabricate to meet each customer’s needs.  Our Hudson Valley fabrication facility affords us the capacity needed to fulfill high volume commercial orders too. In short, we provide large company features while maintaining the principles and values of a small business.