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Making Everyone’s Working Environment More Comfortable
“In a study performed over the course of an academic year in San Juan Capistrano, California, students who benefited from more natural lighting in their classrooms achieved scores that were 20% higher in mathematics tests and 26% higher in reading tests than students whose classrooms had less natural light.“ (David Hobstetter – “Daylighting and productivity: a study of the effects of the indoor environment on human function“ - 2007)
 Improve Thermal Comfort
Solution: With Somfy, sun protection devices are automatically activated:
> When it’s hot, in order to protect the classroom from the sun’s rays.
> When it’s cold, in order to keep heat in the building when it’s empty.
> These automatic devices can also be managed locally by occupants via a remote control.
Benefit: Classrooms that are too hot or too cold impact concentration and prevent effective teaching.
Optimization of the temperature
When it is hot...
When it is cold...
Improve Visual Comfort
Solution: By combining weather sensors, timers, and centralized controls, Somfy solutions can be used to:
> Limit the amount of sunlight entering rooms where monitors are used.
> Let in the right amount of natural light during lessons.
> Filter brightness levels according to the sun’s position.
Benefit: Classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories...Each type of space requires
its own type of lighting in order to optimize occupant comfort according to their activities.
Natural light management
Reduce the amount of sunlight...
Let in natural light...
Improve Ventilation
Solution: With Somfy’s automatic systems, adapting the ventilation of a conference hall according to the number of occupants or venting a gymnasium couldn’t be simpler.
Benefit: Air quality, like temperature and light levels, is an essential component for comfort. It is monitored in order to help occupants achieve the best possible results.
Air renewal
for better air quality.

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