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Taking Care of Everyone’s Well-Being
“Natural lighting reduces depression among patients and improves sleep and heart rhythm, which in turn reduces restlessness, relieves pain and improves working conditions for staff.“
 Adapt To Meet Individual Needs
Solution: Sun protection devices, managed by Somfy control systems, work to adapt the building to the activities of each of its occupants.
Benefit: Patients and healthcare personnel alike benefit from better conditions.
Optimization of the temperature
When it is hot...
When it is cold...
(Doctor Anjali Joseph, Center for Health Design, 2008)
Improve Thermal and Visual Comfort for Patients
Solution: By using Somfy control systems, patients can manage their own sun protection devices without moving from their bed and without disturbing anyone else in order to:
> Control natural light.
> Protect their privacy.
> Stay in control of their comfort at all times by overriding the automatic systems.
Benefit: The well-being of occupants, however long their stay in the hospital, is an absolute priority, especially as increased thermal and visual comfort can have a positive influence on their health.
Natural light management
Reduce sunshine...
Let daylight in...
Help Healthcare Personnel
to Work in the Best
Possible Conditions
Solution: By combining weather sensors, timers, and centralized controls, Somfy solutions assist personnel by:
> Providing the visual comfort they need to work effectively (e.g. for examining an X-ray
on a viewing screen).
> Eliminate repetitive tasks, such as lowering awnings across a floor of a retirement home when the sun is too bright.
Benefit: To ensure optimum availability, each and every member of staff must be able to give the best of themselves in an environment conducive to care.

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