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Providing New Services
“In our 300 rooms, motorized curtains produce savings on maintenance and cleaning, operational costs — due to remote control — and personnel (less time spent in the room), not forgetting the look of the place as they require less manual intervention.” (Hotel chain development manager)
 Improved Thermal and Visual Comfort
Solution: With Somfy control units and devices, it is possible to:
> Automate curtains to keep a cool interior.
> Filter natural light to rest or work in the room. > Block light out completely (night blackout curtain).
Benefit: In rooms, reception or meeting areas, keeping the temperature at a constant level and controlling natural light are key factors in perceived comfort.
Thermal and visual comfort
Offer More Privacy
and New Aesthetic
Solution: Integral and invisible components of the design, Somfy solutions give everyone the possibility of protecting privacy, creating new atmospheres and designing the hotel’s living areas:
> Perfectly protect private space by controlling motorized blinds and/or curtains.
> Alter a room’s atmosphere by changing the angle of slats on Venetian blinds.
> Partition off a room by opening and closing interior curtains.
Benefit: Far removed from old-fashioned decoration, the hotel is now a “living organism” delivering new emotions.
Offer Personalized Services
Solution: With automated and remote controlled solutions, everyone can take advantage of the benefits of technology and complete freedom. Occupants live at their own pace; they adapt the hotel’s structure to their desires through simple control.
Benefit: Your clients are unique, and as such, their preferences are also unique.
Automated Draperies
Managed locally by occupant via a remote control.
Somfy’s system can raise or lower blinds automatically so that occupants benefit from
a pleasant indoor temperature.

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