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    Improving The Building’s Energy Performance
“Electricity use accounts for 60-70 % of the utility costs of a typical hotel. Energy-efficient lighting can reduce electricity use up to 75 %.“ (Source California Hotel & Lodging Association)
 Save Energy
Solution: The sensors and automatic devices used in Somfy solutions reduce energy consumption:
> By prioritizing the use of natural light.
> By reducing solar gains in the summer.
> By adapting building openings to actual occupancy periods (tourist season, seminar times, etc.).
Benefit: Somfy offers Dynamic InsulationTM solutions so that you no longer have to choose between comfort offered to customers and energy savings.
Make The Most of Your Investments
Solution: Somfy’s centralized automation solutions are easy to integrate and operate and help reduce running costs:
> By limiting energy consumption and savings of up to 10% on heating in winter time and indoor cooling gains of up to 16° F in summer.
> By protecting external blinds from bad weather.
> By reducing manual intervention on curtains and sun
protections, extending their life spans.
> By reducing the number of manual operation required and therefore also room services running costs.
Benefit: Ensuring profitability is a major requirement for the luxury hospitality sector. Buildings should be designed and built to reduce their operating cost and lengthen their lifespan.
Expand Building Life Spans
Solution: Somfy solutions provide a bioclimatic design that will enhance the life span of a building by providing sustainable solutions:
> The bioclimatic façades enable architectural creativity that gives the building all its value.
> Automatic devices perfectly align sun protections to guarantee the façade’s aesthetic appeal.
> Centralization systems can be easily adapted to changes in activities or in energy regulations.
> The solutions are easily integrated into renovation projects (meeting and conference rooms, etc.).
  Energy savings with automated sun protection devices
According to simulation tool created by Lund University in Sweden, an investment of 1% to 2% of the total cost of the building results in energy savings of 20% to 40% (see table below).
   reduced by 22.6%
(1446 kWh compare 2006 kWh)
reduced by 22.6% (1884 W compare 2435 W)
reduced by 25.9%
(1594 kWh compare 2151 kWh)
reduced by 24.1% (1678 W compare 2212 W)
reduced by 14.7%
(3038 kWh compare 3560 kWh)
reduced by 21.2% (2124 W compare 2694 W)
DUBAI (United Arab Emirates)
Electricity consumption (annual)
reduced by 33%
(1220 kWh compare 1830 kWh)
Cooling load reduction (in Watt)
reduced by 21% (1876 W compare 2373 W)
Total savings on consumption (annual)
at a price of € 0,16 / kWh : € 89,6
at a price of US$ 0.11 / kWh : US$ 61
at a price of AED 0,3 / kWh : AED 156,6
at a price of Yuan 0,65 / kWh : Yuan 396,5
Simulation conditions: hotel room measuring 39.5 m2, with a 6.2 m2 window (double glazing, U: 2.88 W/m2Kg: 0.77), white PVC sun protection awning and comparison with automatic sun protection or not, depending on the luminosity (details of the analysis available on demand).

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