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Optimizing Comfort in the Workplace At All Times
“Companies that have invested in natural lighting retrofit to existing facilities have seen worker productivity jump between 13% and 16%“ (“Greening the Building and the Bottom Line“, Rocky Mountain Institute, 2009.)
 Improve Thermal Comfort
Solution: By combining occupancy and temperature sensors, Somfy’s intelligent systems raise or lower blinds automatically so that occupants benefit from a pleasant indoor temperature all year round without having to intervene in any way:
> In summer, the goal is to reduce solar gains. > In winter, the aim is to capture free energy.
Benefit: Sudden variations in temperature are disruptive and tiring. Benefiting from constant thermal comfort improves personal well-being and productivity.
Preservation of the temperature
When it is hot...
When it is cold...
Improve Visual Comfort
Solution: By combining weather sensors, timers, centralized and individual controls, Somfy solutions can be used to:
> Let natural light in and create savings by using less artificial lighting.
> Filter brightness levels when using personal computers, laptops, tablets, video conference screens, etc.
Benefits: Meeting rooms, open-plane offices and individual offices...Each type of space requires its own type of lighting. This ensures visual comfort, which in turn optimizes occupant visual comfort, reduces fatigue levels and employee absenteeism.
The 1/3/10 rule
With sun protection
Without sun protection
The difference in brightness between what the eye sees (30° angle) and a visual task (e.g. a sheet of paper) must be no more than a ratio of 1:3. The ratio is 1:10 for the difference between total perceived light (90° angle) and surfaces located within the field of vision (e.g. a window).
Improve Ventilation
Solution: With Somfy’s automatic systems, adapting the ventilation of a meeting room or a conference hall couldn’t be simpler.
Benefit: Air quality, like temperature and light levels, is an essential component for comfort. It is monitored in order to help provide the best possible working conditions for occupants while also promoting their good health.
     Air renewal
for better air quality.

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