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               ULTRA quiet...
Sonesse ULTRA 50 AC is packed with innovations and patented technologies that provide 6 Nm of power and acoustic performance of less than 38 dBA—the most powerful and quietest motor on the market.
The Sonesse ULTRA 50 is designed to isolate noise sources and minimize vibrations.
Patented helical gearbox
ensures uniform sound quality in both up and down directions
Newly patented and improved spring brake eliminates stopping and tilting noise.
             Innovative accessories
Somfy has designed exclusive accessories to optimize the performance of all Sonesse 50 ULTRA motorized applications. Our rubberized universal end cap absorbs noise and reduces vibration to ensure ultra quiet operation. It’s also adaptable to various tube sizes which simplifies fabrication. We pride ourselves in offering the full solution you expect from a world leader.
Steel tube
contains the motor to lower the vibration level. It is isolated from the external tube by elastomer suspensions to reduce the vibration transmission.

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