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 ...& ULTRA powerful
The new Sonesse ULTRA 50 AC and DC offers a superior torque level up to 6 Nm, which allows the motor to be installed for almost any application on the market.
A single motor powers up to six shades
The high torque makes it possible for a single Sonesse ULTRA 50 motor to smoothly operate up to six interior shades in unison*.
Yes, the ultra quiet motor is also ultra powerful!
Extended applications
The Sonesse ULTRA 50 can motorize all types of interior shades.
It is a must have wherever silence offers well-being and everyday comfort in the home. In addition, it increases the perceived quality of the system and adds value
to premium projects.
> For commercial applications:
hotels, offices, reception areas, showrooms, conference rooms, museums, libraries, clinics, spas, places of rest and relaxation, etc.
> In individual homes and high-end residential complexes: reception areas, bedrooms, theater rooms, etc.
 * Intermediate accessories required.

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