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    Somfy designed for Silence
Silence brings well-being and comfort.
As the world leader, Somfy is committed to providing innovation that fulfills user
expectations in residential and commercial buildings. With more than 110 million motors sold, Somfy continues to improve the sound quality of its motors providing powerfully smooth and silent movement. It’s this added value that’s a must have for all interior applications. The new Sonesse® ULTRA 50 AC and DC and the "Designed for Silence" label, will meet the needs of the most demanding projects in terms of aesthetics and acoustics. Somfy sets a new market standard for ultra quiet performance.
Master sound quality
During product development, Somfy's objective is to provide high quality acoustic performance, that is superior and sustainable, from design to integration.
Somfy's global network of highly skilled engineers and technicians equipped with advanced Research & Development tools took this challenge. Their research led to the innovation of absorbing noise and vibration inside the motor, taking into account the constraints of integration without compromising acoustic performance.

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