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              ULTRA flexible
The Sonesse ULTRA 50 completely satisfies the needs of a demanding market. Available for a variety of control systems, for all types of spatial configurations in commercial and residential buildings, in both new and renovated projects.
Sonesse ULTRA 50 offers a full range:
Sonesse ULTRA is available in AC and DC providing the most secure radio and wired transmission protocols.
Sonesse ULTRA 50, is offered in several technologies: Somfy Digital Network
Compatible with "home automation" systems.
animeo® IP
Compatible with automated total solar management solutions of large commercial buildings and complex architectures.
Compatible with the full range of RTS wireless controls and automatic sensors.
The wired control standard (AC only).
Do you have a project?
Somfy has an ULTRA QUIET & ULTRA POWERFUL solution for you.
The Sonesse ULTRA offer is part of the Sonesse range: Sonesse 30, Sonesse 40, Sonesse 50.

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