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There are many reasons for which commercial buildings are built or renovated. Buildings are needed for education, for work, for healing, and for relaxation. Somfy offers a wide array of solutions for any type of building, delivering benefits that are universally desirable for any functionality.
• Increased thermal and visual comfort aids the learning rate of students, creates a productive atmosphere for workers, provides comfort to customers and fosters the well-being of patients. Everyone wants to benefit from as much natural light as possible while at the same time avoiding glare and reflections.
• Optimized energy performance provides substantial energy savings and meets new environmental regulations by consuming less energy and natural resources. Saving money and protecting the environment are positives for any building owner and occupant to consider.
• Natural ventilation control provides fresh air which is conducive to good health and reduces the demand on HVAC which saves energy.
• Rapid return on investment as a result of energy savings, reduced maintenance and operational costs.
“Natural light, proper ventilation, appropriate temperature and humidity ranges, or even localized controls lead to healthier environments.”(Miller et al. 2009)
Somfy Solutions For Your Projects
Somfy has developed intelligent solutions for the operation of building facades using solar shading solutions. These systems improve comfort for occupants while also reducing energy costs.
In this way, Somfy contributes to the development of bioclimatic façades for all types of buildings regardless of function or architecture.
Bioclimatic façades
• Inside: conditions must remain as stable and as comfortable as possible for all occupants based on their activities, needs and preferences.
• The bioclimatic façade is a living membrane that continuously adapts to changes in the weather and to occupants’ changing needs.
• The façade is the building’s envelope, and acts as the interface between interior and exterior, and between the natural and artificial environments.
• Outside: climate conditions vary according to the seasons, the weather and changes in daylight hours.

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