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Dynamic InsulationTM
Windows are the main interface between the interior and exterior of a building. A façade with automated solar shading devices installed can provide precise control over these exchanges, influencing the way in which heat enters and leaves the building, keeping the inside cool in warm climates or optimizing solar gain in cool climates. During winter, solar devices can be programmed to close in the evening in order to avoid heat loss, whereas in the summer, they can be automatically lowered based on the orientation of the sun to limit the green house effect.
Automated solar shading devices are raised or lowered according to changes in outdoor weather conditions and indoor comfort needs. They react to commands from weather sensors (temperature and sunlight) or control algorithms, according to the occupancy and vacancy periods in the building.
Natural Ventilation
Natural ventilation is a cost-effective way of improving air quality in a building and cooling during the night, especially during summer months. Automating windows during the hours when a building is unoccupied means that a controlled flow
of fresh air can pass through the façade, significantly reducing the accumulated temperature of the building mass and improving the quality of the indoor environment the following day.
Somfy solutions for natural ventilation include our line of window actuators that are linked to our Somfy Digital NetworkTM RS485 (SDN) which automates the process to ensure a fresh air flow and heat dissipation during the summer months.
Impact of automated sun protection devices on energy consumption (operational costs) and air conditioning system capacity (investment) in a hotel room.
Simulation carried out using the Somfy DISC tool, under the following conditions: Room measuring 425ft2, with a double-glazed window measuring 67ft2 (U = 0.27W/ft2). White PVC blind. The blind is lowered when the light level measured outside is above 15 Klux.
Summer strategy
Winter strategy
Electricity consumption (KWh/yr)
22.6% 25.9% reduction reduction
Barcelona Los Angeles Capacity (air conditioning systems - W)
14.7% reduction
21.2% reduction
Thermal comfort and an improved
indoor environment
With Dynamic InsulationTM, the building’s occupants are no longer subject to sudden variations in temperature. Constant thermal comfort helps to improve day-to-day well-being.
Improved energy performance
All cooling, heating, lighting, and shading management systems are fully integrated and communicate with each other to maximize energy efficiency.
reduction reduction
Barcelona Los Angeles
Without sun protection device With sun protection device
4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000
33% reduction
21% reduction
3000 2500 2000 1500 1000

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