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  Improving the quality of indoor environments
On average, 80% of a company’s operating costs are related to employees. Therefore, increasing productivity by only 1% would offset a company’s energy costs for an entire year (REHVA Guidebook 2010). Thermal and visual comfort have a beneficial effect on the occupants’ well-being. Working or living in a more pleasant, healthy environment leads to improved efficiency and productivity. Automated shading devices contribute to meeting two objectives:
• Maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures for a longer period of time
• Enabling continuous glare control
Adding value and longevity to the investment
With the long-term reduction of energy related costs, the initial investment for integrated automated shading is returned after just a few years due to smaller HVAC installations resulting in lower energy bills. In renovation projects, the peak load can be substantially reduced. Automated shading also reduces the handling of shading devices by the building’s occupants, extending the life of the shading devices and lowering maintenance costs.
How SOMFY contributes to bioclimatic façades
For over 40 years, Somfy has been developing intelligent solutions for building openings using high-tech motorization and automation systems. Natural light management, dynamic insulationTM and natural ventilation are three of Somfy’s unique areas of expertise dedicated to the development of bioclimatic façades.
Importance of Automated Total Solar Management
animeo® IP is a hardware and software solution that combines configuration and control software in one comprehensive package. By managing a full range of intelligent motors from a single source, animeo® IP presents a stronger, more customizable solution that meets today’s requirements for LEED certification while increasing occupant comfort.
animeo® IP performs in installations across all vertical market segments including Offices, Hospitality, Education and Healthcare.
Energy Efficiency Visual & Thermal Scalability & Simplicity LEED
                     Comfort Flexibility
           “Exterior shading combined with a good glazing selection is the best window
strategy. Interior shading options can also help control solar heat gain.”
(Lawrence Berkley Labs Tips for Daylighting with Windows)

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