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Bioclimatic façades balance energy efficiency with the comfort of a building’s occupants by utilizing the best elements of the outside climate along with internal systems. Somfy accomplishes the creation of a bioclimatic façade with a fully automated intelligent integrated system that reacts to outside elements in real time, maximizing energy efficiency while eliminating undesirable climatic influences. With our integrated approach, Somfy meets the challenges of today’s commercial buildings:
Meeting LEED and ASHRAE requirements
Somfy is one of your key partners for LEED certification. Somfy solutions for automated solar shading and natural ventilation devices create a bioclimatic façade by interacting with outside elements to optimize natural light and air while providing thermal and visual comfort. Somfy solutions contribute to energy savings, occupant comfort, design innovation and offer the opportunity to earn LEED points on new construction or renovation projects. Somfy also offers solutions that follow ASHRAE guidelines for enhancing the work environment by incorporating natural light to create favorable lighting and contrast, thermal comfort and proper ventilation.
“Optimizing the building envelope for the climate can substantially reduce the size of the mechanical systems.” (ASHRAE Energy Design Guide for Small to Medium Office Buildings)
   Meeting current environmental requirements Total Site ENERGY Consumption in Commercial Buildings
Space Heating - 2,203 trillion Btu (38%) Lighting - 1,143 trillion Btu (20%) Water Heating - 449 trillion Btu (8%) Cooling - 431 trillion Btu (7%) Ventilation - 384 trillion Btu (7%) Refrigeration - 354 trillion Btu (6%) Cooking - 167 trillion Btu (3%)
Personal Computers - 148 trillion Btu (3%) Office Equipment - 64 trillion Btu (1%) Other - 478 trillion Btu (9%)
       3% 6%
Energy efficiency plays a vital role in new construction design and refurbishment of all commercial buildings today. With 72% of energy use in commercial buildings attributed to lighting and HVAC systems (USEIA 2003), there is an obvious push to reduce the energy consumption of these systems. Somfy solutions promote the use of natural energy sources such as sunshine, daylight and outside air. Automated solar shading and window opening devices integrated within the façade optimize the use of natural sources and contribute to increasing energy efficiency of buildings. When integrated with artificial lighting systems, maximum energy savings are realized by dimming artificial light while daylight is illuminating the space or by turning off lights when a space is unoccupied.
US Energy Information Administration (USEIA) 2003 Study

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