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 Somfy is one of your key partners for LEED certification. Somfy solutions for automated solar shading and natural ventilation devices create a bioclimatic façade by interacting with outside elements to utilize natural light and air while providing thermal and visual comfort. Somfy solutions contribute to energy savings, occupant comfort and design innovation.
Somfy solutions provide the opportunity to earn LEED points on new construction or renovation projects. Below are some areas of building design to interact with Somfy when attempting to achieve LEED accreditation. Our dedicated team is available to discuss the possibilities for your specific project needs. When designing the facade of your project, contact your Somfy Commercial Representative to understand how to utilize motorization to obtain the most LEED accreditation possible.
LEED Facts
Increase Ventilation:
Somfy can contribute by allowing natural ventilation (operable windows) during cool days and/or by night cooling.
Controllability of Systems-Lighting:
Somfy can contribute through the management of scenes between the lighting and solar protection systems.
Controllability of Systems-Thermal Comfort:
Somfy can contribute by Dynamic InsulationTM solution interacting with the heating and cooling systems.
Thermal Comfort-Design:
Somfy can contribute by helping to create the design of the building envelope for thermal comfort.
Daylight & Views-Daylight: Views for 75% of the Space:
Somfy can contribute by increasing natural light levels while controlling glare and contrast.
Daylight & Views-Daylight: Views
for 90% of the Space:
Somfy can contribute by increasing natural light levels while controlling glare and contrast with view to the outside through motorized shading devices (perforated, roller with special fabric specs, blinds).
   LEED Facts
LEED Facts
  Innovation & Design:
Somfy can contribute by educating the project team members about green building design and construction, the LEED requirements and application process early in the design phase.
Somfy’s LEED Support
Energy & Atmosphere:
Somfy can contribute by helping to optimize the energy savings of the artificial lighting systems and HVAC.
Contact a Somfy Commercial Representative to fully understand how we can help you gain LEED points for your building.

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