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   Benefits of animeo® IP
Energy Efficiency Scalability & Flexibility
Natural Light Management
Automatically managing motorized window coverings reduces dependency on artificial light, allowing more natural light for increased visual comfort of occupants as well as energy savings.
Compatibility Comfort Building Certification
Extended Daylight Zone Automated Shades
A daylight zone is an area within a building that is expected to receive consistent daylight.
          Manual shades are rarely adjusted thus reducing the daylight zone.
Automated shades
increase the daylight zone, adjusting to the specific sky and weather conditions.
       Energy savings
Capturing Natural Light Saves Energy
Commercial Buildings Primary Energy End Use Splits
20% of energy end usage in a typical office building is spent on lighting. Automated solar control management can use natural light to reduce the requirement for artificial lighting and ensure solar gains for passive room heating.
DOE, 2011 Buildings Energy Data Book, Section 3.1.4, March 2012.
Energy usage varies based on geographical locations.
Lighting Space Heating Space Cooling Ventilation Refrigeration
16% Water Heating Electronics
Computers Cooking Other
    1% 4%
4% 4%

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