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   Introducing animeo® IP
animeo® IP is a total natural light management system utilizing Somfy-powered intelligent motorized window coverings as well as digital keypads and weather sensors. The system’s controllers, sensors and keypads can be added to both new and existing Somfy Digital NetworkTM (SDN) motor installations for comprehensive solar management as either a stand-alone solution or integrated into third party control systems.
An intuitive user interface allows for simplified commissioning, building management and technical support featuring drag-and-drop programming, motor auto discovery, and at-a-glance real-time system status updates.
                              animeo® IP Benefits
Creates an overall better work environment
 Building Owner
  Facility Manager
   Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce heat gain • Save on HVAC
equipment costs
   • Reduce heat gain and cooling loss • Wider selection of
glazing options
 • Reduce lighting and HVAC demand during occupied and unoccupied times
   • Optimizes building performance
  • Reduce the power consumption from artificial light
   Scalability & Flexibility
  • Improve building façade appearance
• Reduce glare in work environment
   • Solar Depth Entrance Management offers options for positioning workspaces
 • Enter the distance between windows and work areas in animeo IP to manage solar depth entrance management
   • Assist during design phases to create a productive and comfortable working environ- ment
  • Manage natural daylight
• Minimize glare
  • Easily add to existing SDN installations
   • One system fits buildings of all sizes
 • System functionality and operation remains simple for a single office or an entire building
   • The system could support the functionality of multiple building types
  • System easily adapts to the specific needs and
requirements of the workspace
 • Reduces the complexity of automated solar shading solutions
  • Simple to design, install and commission
• Easy to adjust functionality of motors or controls from Graphical User Interface
• Control entire building from one computer
  • System is simple to understand, design and build
 • Override automatic control via in-wall keypads, virtual computer keypads and mobile devices
   Building Certification
      • Follow local building codes and requirements
• Contribute towards earning LEED credits
  • The Somfy Specification Team hold LEED professional credentials and provide support during the design phase
  • Somfy supports LEED based design and commissioning for the system installed in your building
  • Earn more LEED points during the design phase of a project
   • LEED buildings show a higher occu- pant satisfaction in areas like perceived productivity, indoor air quality and thermal comfort.*
     * U.S. Green Building Council, “The Business Case for Being Green.” July 2012.

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