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Meeting the Challenge: Why animeo® IP?
animeo® IP System Features
Sun sensor control
animeo IP offers automated natural light management based on the sun’s position in the sky and façade orientation to minimize glare and maximize the opportunity for capturing natural light.
Solar Entrance Depth Management During active sun tracking periods, animeo IP’s
Solar Entrance Depth Management feature
will adjust and maintain the solar shade height
to limit the distance that sunlight enters the space. This results in the ability to protect furnishings, maximize daylight availability and minimize glare on workspaces to improve occupant comfort.
Control Versatility
Programmable wall-mounted keypads, wireless controls and virtual keypads provide occupants control over nearby window coverings. animeo IP can override manual occupant commands during specific time periods (ex: east façade from 8 AM - 12 PM) to keep the building running as efficiently as possible, providing just the right balance of manual and automated control.
animeo IP is compatible with existing SDN installations, at
any point in system design, including external weather sensors, in-wall keypads, wireless sensors, and third party building management systems.
                                 Sonesse® 30 RS485
Sonesse® ULTRA 50 DC RS485
Facility Management
Sonesse® ULTRA 50 AC RS485
    SDN technology provides bi-directional
status reporting of window covering
positions. With this information, animeo
IP exports system status snapshots in
convenient graph or table form. Quickly
see how and why shades were adjusted
with simple color codes for timed events, occupant actions or building overrides. Facility managers can also receive systems alerts via email.
Streamlined Commissioning Process Auto-discovery of motors and switches expedites installation while drag-and-drop configuration simplifies commissioning.
Real and Astronomic
Timed Events
With animeo IP’s timed events feature,
schedules can be created to keep
buildings energy efficient based on
certain times of day. Creating timed
events around periods of high occupancy
(between 8:00AM and 6:00PM, Monday through Friday) and low occupancy (weekends, holidays) ensures the building is running as efficiently as possible.
Sensor Station
Facility Manager View
animeo® IP Digital Keypad
Virtual Keypads
A variety of Somfy weather sensors are compatible with animeo IP, including rain, wind, sun and temperature sensors. Sensor configuration and setup is easy using animeo IP’s intuitive user interface.
Compact Sensor

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