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Sensor Station
The Sensor Station consists of an aluminum mast with pre-mounted and pre-wired outside sensor box, 4 sun sensors, wind sensor and an outside temperature sensor, and can be equipped with additional sensors.
Compact Sensor
The Compact Sensor consist of 3 sun sensors which can be oriented to East, South and West, as well as a wind sensor, outside temperature sensor and rain sensor.
    DecoFlex Keypads
RTS Receiver for SDN
The RTS Receiver for SDN connects directly to the SDN bus and is fully compatible with all RTS transmitters. Control up to 5 groups of motors on the network using an RTS transmitter. The Receiver obtains its power directly from the bus — no external power required.
  DecoFlex Keypads provide an in-wall user interface for animeo® IP. The Keypad offers users a familiar way to adjust their environment for personal comfort without affecting the overall efficiency of the building. Available in both wired and wireless options.
Bus and Sensor Station Power Supply #1822440
The Somfy Bus and Sensor Station Power Supply provides 24V DC power to the SDN bus. Each Power Supply can provide power to up to 100 bus line devices (excluding motors).
24V DC Power/Control Distribution Panels
Power/Control Distribution Panels supply power and communication
to Sonesse® low voltage motors. Available in a 10 motor configuration.

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