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Intuitive Graphic User Interface
A standout feature of animeo® IP is its graphic user interface. There are four main system views: Façade, Group, List and Floor Plan. The Floor Plan view offers facility managers a dynamic snapshot of system status and indicators in an easy-to-understand floor plan format as well as convenient access to controls and critical system information.
Floor Plan View
 Easily access other floors
 Switch between multiple views
 Right click keypads
to emulate user commands for convenient troubleshooting
 Scale and zoom
 Master keypad for facility manager control of façades, zones or individual motors
          Weather forecast information
 System errors and notifications
  Hover over motors or keypads to view detailed information including associated devices
    Color-coded motor statuses
Façade View
Group View
List View
Real-time information from weather sensors
Graphical representation of building exterior
Conceptualized view of groups that make up the system
Sortable database of system states

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