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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Total Light Management:
Maximizing energy savings and indoor comfort through balancing natural and artifical light.
Design Team:
Bind/Lighting Control:
Lighting: Motors & Qty:
New Construction
Bridot & Willerval, Jean-Michel Wilmotte
Philips-Somfy Light Balancing Philips T5 ETO and LED Luminaires 3500 Somfy LW motors
The Challenge:
The 330ft high Tour Sequana was designed to accommodate the 2,400 employees of Bouygyes Telcom covering 88,000 square ft over 23 floors. The challenge was to reduce the average energy consumption to 8.3kWh/ft^2/ year, which is 3 to 4 times less than the tower building in the La Defense area of Paris. One of the key aspects to the design was to prioritize the use of natural light in the space where possible.
The Solution:
To achieve the targeted energy reduction figure as well as comfort levels, the developers invested in a high-performance glass façade which represented a solar factor of less than 25%, while having a light transmission figure of at least 50%.
The unique solution of comfort and light balancing is the combination of lighting and solar protection management systems — the Philips-Somfy Light Balancing solution. A total of 3,500 automated venetian blinds were installed, all motorized by Somfy. The blinds are activated to manage thermal heating, reduce visual glare discomfort and to take advantage of the sun’s position for natural light as required. When the blinds are closed, the artificial light levels are boosted and when the blinds are opened, the artificial lighting is dimmed. This assures optimal contrast values for working at a computer screen or on a document.
With the Philips-Somfy Light Balancing solution, the Tour Sequana targeted energy consumption levels have been met. The management of artificial and natural light ensures the best level of indoor comfort in terms of light levels and glare.
   Artificial lighting management systems and blinds that communicate with each other generate significant energy savings and maintain optimal visual comfort for occupants.
This is why Somfy and Philips Lighting share a common goal: to improve the indoor working environment through effective lighting management.
                         The combination of natural light and artificial lighting is optimal
No sun, overcast
Natu22r°al light: minimal Artificial lighting: maximum
Some sun, a few clouds
Natural light: average Artificial lighting: average
Clear skies
Natural light: maximum Artificial lighting: minimal

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