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 RBC Centre
  Application: Sector: Market: Architect:
Dealer: Developer: Motors & Qty: Controls:
New Construction Commercial Office
Kohn Pederson Fox Associates Sweeny Sterling
Finlayson & Co. Architects Bergman + Hamann Architects
Cadillac Fairview
ILT2 – Quantity 1,586
Somfy Digital NetworkTM RS485
The Challenge:
In 2006, developer Cadillac Fairview sought to create a new skyscraper in downtown Toronto to LEED Gold standards, but complicating the sun management possibilities were the neighboring skyscrapers including the new Ritz Carlton which was part of this complex. Not only does the sun management system have to react to
the path of the sun, but also the shadows produced from the neighboring buildings.
The Solution:
The RBC Centre features 1,586 of Somfy’s intelligent ILT2 motors with sun and shadow management control of their interior shading and roller blinds provided by Solarfective Products of Ontario. Automated shading devices were programmed into 200 discrete zones of bidirectional control, enabling precise optimization of natural light and glare control in every part of the building.
The RBC Centre achieved LEED Gold status in part by utilizing the sun and shadow management system on the Somfy Digital NetworkTM RS485. When one façade of the building is in direct sunlight, part of that same façade can be in the shadows of a neighboring building. The bidirectional control enables those windows in the shadows right beside the windows in the sun to react individually to the outside elements to reduce glare
in the sunlight, while allowing the natural light to enter from the shadowed area. This optimizes the useful natural light from outdoors.

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