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                                                      Line and Low Voltage
Sonesse® 50
Sonesse® 50
(Optional coupled/banding application)
              Power Distribution
Low voltage transformer (24V DC) Provides data signal over a 16 AWG 2 conductor 24/2 cable
Control box for communication Provides motor power over a Coleman Model 97295 or equivalent cable
Powered by standard outlet or junction box
Sonesse® 30 RS485
Low voltage motor (24V DC)
Ultra-quiet operation
Wide range of control options Fully programmable Powered off the bus line
Sonesse® 30
Sonesse® 30
Virtual Keypad
                    RTS to SDN Receiver
RTS Transmitter
Digital Keypad
 Fully programmable
Individual motor and group motor functionality
Up to 5 preset positions and full up, stop and down functionality
               Main building riser to floor segment bus line
                                                       Sonesse® 30 Sonesse® 30 Sonesse® 30 Sonesse® 30

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