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 Below is an example of scalable solutions from Somfy. From a single room, to individual floors or rooms, to an entire building, animeo® IP and Somfy Digital NetworkTM installations are suitable for every jobsite. The scalable technology of both Somfy Digital NetworkTM and animeo® IP make them ideal solutions for larger installations where centralized control is a necessity. Incorporate animeo® IP into any Somfy Digital NetworkTM installation for automated total solar management. The animeo® IP graphic user interface, in-wall keypads and virtual keypads simplify commissioning, operation and troubleshooting. animeo® IP can also be integrated into third party BMS, EMS and AV systems.
 Single Room
           For smaller installations, a standard Somfy Digital NetworkTM RS485 installation is a powerful yet economical solution. Local controls, including Somfy’s full range of wired and wireless controls, can be added for convenient access.
                                    Individual Floor
                                 Automate up to 200 motorized shades based on sun, wind, rain or temperature sensors or time scheduled events.
             animeo® IP Building Controller
Multiple Floors or Entire Building
 animeo® IP Sub Controller
                                          For installations greater than 200 motors, add animeo® IP Sub Controllers to expand system capacity (1 for every additional 200 motors).
                     animeo® IP Sub Controller

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