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Securshade Provides Valuable Added School Safety (Security) Through Window Roller Shades
 • The earliest possible on-site threat detection
• SecurShade is at-the-ready in every school room
• Eliminates dangerous exposure from traditional window shade lowering protocol
• Entire school lockdown enabled with press of a button
• Instantly blocks lines of sight of active shooter
• Seamlessly close all the shades in the school in under 4 seconds with the push of a button • Provides a powerful visual school-wide lock down alert
• Sends the alert, with location, to front office and to first responders
• SecurShade security applicable for any building with safety considerations
Our interviews with the National Center for Campus closing the window shades and communicating Public Safety, Vanderweil Engineering, a leading the alert quickly and at the same time in such a consultant in school design, and Dore Whittier, compelling way that they would become an integral a leader in K-12 architecture, all confirmed the tool in the design and specification of new schools, SecurShade solution addresses the problems of and existing school updates.
Considerations for School Administrations
 • SecurShade is designed to make school classrooms safer in the event of an emergency
• SecurShade deployment quickly when reaction speed is critical
• SecurShade adds confidence and an extra measure of security to school emergency protocols • SecurShade allows natural lighting through to optimize learning environment
• SecurShade is energy efficient and functional for everyday use
• SecurShade costs nominally more than a conventional commercial window shade
• SecurShade is a smart choice when replacing worn out shades
• SecurShade brings an element of peace of mind to students, parents, teachers, and staff
Other Applications
 While SecurShade was primarily developed in response to requests from our K-12 school clients, it is an inexpensive system that could even be used in the home as part of a security system
or bigger and broader applications, both in the and out of the US, where a SecurShade’s energy efficient, low cost, automatic, remote closing system would be advantageous.
• Post-secondary and specialty schools • Government buildings
• Houses of worship
• Planned Parenthood clinics
• Research laboratories

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