Battery Powered Motors

With new technologies battery motors have become more capable and reliable than ever.

Innovative new battery motors are available in many models and lifting capacities making retrofit systems more feasible than ever. Explore innovative battery powered solutions


Coulisse motion has unique and innovative features with its unique pull override control with decorative tassels. Also unique to Coulisse are innovative programming features for motors with internal LION batteries to simplify programming during installations.

Rollease Automate

The Automate motor line features battery motors with various lifting capacities from 1.1NM motors to 10NM motors….


Somfy Internal LION battery motors offer the solution for your somfy system when running wires is impossible. With somfy motorized drapery tracks the somfy battery powered solutions are endless!

Lutron Triathlon

Triathlon shades are a great introduction to a Lutron shading system for control of natural light integrated with control of your interior or exterior lighting system. Triathlon also offers the Lutron solution for the one window or door that running wire too was not possible.