Absolute Honeycomb

Control of light, climate and privacy.

  • A modular system suitable for cellular and pleated fabrics in various sizes
  • System and components available in eight colors
  • Child safe options by design: cordless, motorized
  • Two configurations, bottom-up and top-down / bottom-up, with four control options each
  • Top-down / bottom-up features:
    • A special cavity for seamless connection between head rail and middle rail: no light gaps
    • Patented rail stopper prevents the bottom rail from passing the middle rail: no loose cords
    • special cavity for seamless closure
    • Head rail with a special cavity for the middle rail
    • Seamless connection between both rails
    • No light gap, clean design

Honeycomb Motion

  • Operate with a remote control, the MOTION app or with a simple pull on the blind
  • Create fully automated honeycomb blinds by setting rooms, scenes and timers in the MOTION app
  • Manually override remote and app control with pull control on the blind
  • 100% wireless motorization enables easy and quick installation
  • Integrated li-ion battery rechargeable with micro USB
  • Honeycomb motor CM-08 is designed with a smart rotatable motor head that makes the motor suitable for both sides of the system
  • Motor cover caps available in eight system matching colors
  • Available bottom-up and top-down / bottom-up

Clutch Control

  • Suitable for chain control and cord control
  • Perfect for blinds of all sizes and difficult to reach blinds
  • Available bottom-up and top-down / bottom-up

Cord Control

  • Intuitive control
  • Available bottom-up and top-down / bottom-up

Cordless Control

  • Child safe by design
  • Spring cassette for easy assembling
  • Easy to control with the bottom bar handle grip
  • Available bottom-up and top-down / bottom-up