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HLW Architects
City View Blinds
Sonesse® 30 RS485 Quantity 5000
350 motor control panels
1,000 Somfy Digital NetworkTM RS485 Digital Keypads
The Challenge:
In the United Nations Secretariat Building, Somfy was challenged to scale a solution to an enormous office space where several thousand blinds over dozens of floors would be automated to provide glare control throughout the day and also allow local control to the building’s occupants.
The Solution:
Mariak provided window blinds that were installed by City View Blinds and commissioned by Somfy Systems for the 2012 renovation of this iconic building in New York City. The blinds are automated on the Somfy Digital NetworkTM RS485 and move to a timed schedule based on the path of the sun with input from Somfy Sunis WireFreeTM sun sensors, providing maximum natural light while eliminating bothersome glare for UN employees.
Intelligent keypads were installed for each motorized window treatment, enabling office personnel to choose from five different preset slat angles or close them completely. Janitorial services have easy access to intelligent keypads that will bring the blinds up completely for ease of cleaning and maintenance. During off hours, the motorized treatments revert back to the automated mode that reacts to the time of day and sunlight levels, ensuring the most efficient system operation throughout the building while being easily adjusted for personal preferences.

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