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RTS products are also designed to work together so you can always mix and match controls to create the perfect setting. You can operate the same motorized window coverings with multiple RTS controls.
    Each RTS motorized application can be controlled by up to 12 RTS controls and/or accessories. You can also use the same RTS control product to control different RTS applications.
For example, you can use a
DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS wall switch in your kitchen to control a motorized awning on your patio, the motorized shades in your kitchen and the motorized draperies in your living room.
Use the Telis 1 Chronis RTS timer to set-up weekday and weekend schedules to open and close the motorized shades automatically when it suits you best.
Use a DecoFlex WireFreeTM RTS Table Top Accessory to provide control from a coffee table so when you’re on the couch watching TV or working on a laptop, you can always adjust the motorized shades without interrupting your activity.
Use an Eolis 3D WireFreeTM RTS wind sensor to retract your motorized awning when the wind picks-up to protect it from damage.
Use the Sunis WireFreeTM RTS Sun Sensor to program the motorized shades to automatically open or close depending on the intensity of the sun,
so you can protect your furnishings
from damaging UV rays during the
sun’s peak hours.
Use the myLinkTM to schedule your motorized shades to automatically open in the morning to start the day with welcoming warmth and natural light. Create another schedule so all your shades close at dusk providing privacy and peace of mind... automatically.
Away from home? No worries, you can operate your motorized window treatments using your smartphone or tablet, or simply turn on the vacation mode feature, to randomize the operation of your motorized shades to simulate occupancy.

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