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What are the
Benefits of Using RTS?
• RTS is omnidirectional and travels through walls making controlling motorized products easy. You don’t necessarily have to be in the same room as your motorized product(s), or aim at them in order to operate.
• Features Somfy’s exclusive “my” function, which allows you to program a preferred product position (more on pages 10 and 11).
• No extra wires are needed.
• Operates with simple voice commands by adding the
Somfy myLinkTM.
• You can mix and match controls as you wish.
• Provides the ability to change user preferences anytime with simplified programming.
• RTS allows you to build your home automation system gradually. For example, you can start with a motorized awning, then add shades and draperies later. You can also integrate your RTS products with third-party home automation systems.
• What’s more, RTS adapts easily to changes in your interior layout, as you can add control points or move them at will.
Peace of mind
• Secure operation with a rolling code reduces interference with other radio products.
• Provides the ability to automate the operation of motorized window coverings and control products even when away from home, through the use of the Somfy myLinkTM interface.

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