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Timers take motorized interior and exterior window coverings to the next level because they allow you to program their operation... making it automatic! This means that you can schedule your motorized window coverings, awnings and/or rolling shutters to open or close at pre-determined times.
Telis 1 Chronis RTS combines the functionality of a single channel hand-held control with the convenience of a programmable timer.
• Quick Set Feature allows you to easily program or change the automatic operation of motorized applications with a brief button press.
• Schedule one open and one close function per day with the automatic mode.
• Different scheduled operation available for weekends and weekdays.
• Offers a manual mode which disables the timed functions and allows you to use it as a remote anytime.
• Comes factory pre-programmed with default time 7:30am UP, 8:00pm DOWN,
so if this schedule suits you, you can start using your timer right away.
• Can be hand-held or stationary on a wall using the included wall mount clip.

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