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The Telis 16 RTS hand-held remote extends control of motorized interior and exterior products to 16 different channels and controls products. This allows you to control up to 16 individual motorized products or 16 groups of motorized products all with the same remote.
 A choice of three icons is available to visually represent the product(s) assigned to that channel. Choose none, one or any combination of the three.
Shades or Shutters Rolling Shutters Patio Awnings or Skylight Shades
Available in two finishes:
• •
Pure finish offers a clean white finish...perfect for any style.
Silver finish is chic, yet simple, for contemporary designs.
Telis 16 RTS Pure
16 Channel Hand-Held Remote 1811081
     You also have the option to name each channel. The name can be up to 7 letters and 1 number.
8 Characters:
7 Letters + 1 Number
 Telis 16 RTS Silver
16 Channel Hand-Held Remote ACTUAL SIZE 1811082
   Wall mounting clip
The Telis 16 RTS hand-held remote also features an optional wall clip to mount it on the wall and always know where it is and access at a moment’s notice.
Optional clip for wall mounting

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