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 A Smart Choice to Motorize Rolling Shutters
Main Features
Obstacle Detection
Stops the shutter
from coming down automatically when obstacles are detected. Protects the end user’s belongings.
The Exclusive Somfy “my” Function Moves the shutter to a favorite position. Set it once for convenient repeat use.
Frost Protection
Stops the motor if frost or ice freezes the shutter in place, or
if the bottom slat is locked.
Reduces weather related service calls.
Somfy Drive Control
Innovative electronic technology senses the load the motor
is under and reacts automatically. Minimizes stress and extends the life of the rolling shutter.
Tamper Resistant
Combined with an automatically set downward limit, it resists manual lifting. Increases security for the end user.
Point of Control
Limits can be set at the point of control as well, never touching the motor head. Makes it easy to adjust limits.
Automatic Limit Setting
Flexible limit settings adjust automatically out of the box to reduce installation time. Or there is an option to set them manually.
Saves you time.
Retained Programming
Programming is retained in the event of a power outage.
Provides peace of mind.
The Ideal Solution for Rolling Shutters Up To 25Nm
Counter Shutters Commercial Store Fronts
Compatible with all Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) Controls and Accessories
Security, Energy Savings and Hurricane Protection
Visit for additional information.
NOTE: Some features require rigid links, bottom stops or equivalents.

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