Rollease Fabrics

From transparent textiles to opaque weaves that totally block light and glare, Rollease Acmeda has the right fabric for your application. We offer a spectrum of styles, from see-through sheers that allow for a view while reducing glare to dim-out fabrics that provide privacy, and blackout shades to keep out every last ray.

Rollease Acmeda offers high-tech window shade fabrics, from transparent to blackout.

Standard Line


A stylish and modern aesthetic for window treatments, Alkenz SunShadow Solar® Screen protects against fading and other negative effects of the sun, without disturbing the view.

Different Grades:

  • 3000 Net
  • 3000 HT
  • 4000 Net

Sierra Sol

When privacy or complete room darkening is on your design agenda, Sierra Sol fabrics, exclusively from Rollease, are the most effective solution.

Different Grades:

  • Tempe
  • Mesa

Almedahls – Anzio

The Almedahls international design team brings you innovative and timeless shade fabrics for residential and commercial interiors.

Different Grades:

  • Almedahls-Anzio Designer Fabrics

Premium Line


For the utmost in solar control, opt for our Verosol semi-transparent fabrics. A microscopic layer of aluminum is applied to the textile, making these shades highly reflective, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs.

Different Grades:

  • SilverScreen
  • EnviroScreen