Automate Power Options

Operating Systems


Our flagship system features advanced geared patented technology. Suitable for a single shade up to 12’ x 12’, or it can be combined with our Multi-Link Bracket which allows shades to be banded together and operated from a single point. Sleek, rounded chain guard profiles and optional fascia system create the clean, modern look you want. For all-day comfort, opt for our Automate shade control. This light-sensitive system adjusts to changing light conditions, helping to maintain optimal indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. All automated systems come with a stylish hand-held device or wall switch control. Optional fascia available.

Cassette CF90

Rollease Acmeda offers solutions for a full range of roller shades from small, compact systems to heavy duty commercial applications. Our newest Cassette/Fascia suite, CF90, is designed to house the most frequently used medium roller systems. Available with round or square headbox, in a fully enclosed or partial fascia, it can be matched with Edge side channels for increased light blocking and energy efficiency. Available with manual or automated control mechanisms and the extras to complete the installation.

Extreme S100

The Extreme System consists of robust hardware providing a solution for significantly heavier and impressive, large scale shading systems. Perfect for both internal and external applications, the extreme system creates a new opportunity to achieve greater, grander beautiful blinds.

Skylight 100

Sloped or horizontal windows present a special challenge. Our Skylight system is engineered with secure zip locking channels and achieves correct fabric tension in all directions while in motion and stationary. Adaptable for both commercial and residential applications, it’s the ultimate daylight filtering system.


Aero Dual:

Our innovative AERO dual roller system, offers a premium aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced solution. Controlling two blinds with either a single chain or independent spring mechanism, raising and lowering blinds to your preferred top and bottom locations, in a smooth and controlled motion, with one simple touch.

Aero Single:

Our new AERO single roller system, offers a premium aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced solution. Controlled with an independent spring mechanism, the blind will open and close to your preferred top and bottom locations in a smooth and controlled motion, with one simple touch.

Easy Spring Ultra

Rollease Acmeda Easy Spring Ultra single roller system offers a high quality, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced spring controlled solution. The blind will open to your preferred top location in a smooth and controlled motion, with one simple touch.


Fascia for Skyline and S45

Add contemporary aesthetics to smooth performance by concealing the mechanics of the Rollease Acmeda S45 operating system. Our Fascia FRS100 provides the clean lines in either round or square finish with end covers that overlap the cassette. Dim-out side channels allow for greater energy efficiency. Compatible with our chain, mortised and spring control. Available in four designer colors.

Interior wire guide

Rollease Acmeda’s Internal Wire Guide System provides a functional, secure guide popular medium sized roller shades. Compatible with our chain winder, motorized or gear control systems, the tensioners can be used for either top or face fix applications. Wire guide end caps are available in four designer colours to complement our D30 bottom rail and match your interior decor.

Linking Systems

Engineered to link multiple blinds which can be controlled by a single mechanism, our add on Easy-Link solution offers a smooth and silent operation with minimal light gaps. Precision S45 and S60 blinds can be raised or lowered independently or as a group of shades, for ultimate convenience. Two bracket solutions are available offering up to 45° and 90° angles.

Ceiling pockets for recessed shades

Retain design integrity with our complete window-to-wall solution. Install this aluminum system at the interface of window and acoustical or drywall ceiling to integrate draperies or shades without visible fasteners. Hanger clips and closure panel hide the shade mechanism creating a smooth, seamless transition.


We offer quality hem bars in various shapes & sizes; the finishing touch for all your roller blind systems, large or small. We also provide a variety of chains and child safety products.