Coulisse Automation

Discover the easiest solution ever for motorization of your blinds. MOTION is a revolutionary series of blind automation solutions for the home.

Our MOTION solutions are super easy to install and operate, compatible with smart homes and applicable to different types of blinds.

Coulisse by Window Modes.

Remote Motion (DC and AC Motion RF Motors)

DC and AC blind motors with integrated radio frequency can be operated remotely, by mobile app and through home and building automation. The lighter DC motors are powered by a 12V transformer or rechargeable battery tube. The powerful and quiet AC motors are connected to 120VAC power source. Remote MOTION offers a suitable automation solution for every single blind or shading network.

Pull Motion (Li-ion Battery Motors)

MOTION is a ground-breaking window coverings automation solution that makes motorized shades available to everyone. With accessible motors for the home to advanced solutions for commercial buildings, MOTION offers the perfect motorization for any requirement. Blinds can be operated from anywhere, in any way with MOTION. With a click of the remote or a swipe on the smartphone, blinds are set in the desired position. Wi-Fi or remote lost? Blinds can also be operated manually with a simple pull on the blind. Anyone can do it!

Motion Controls

MOTION offers a wide variety of simple, smart and aesthetic control options for automated blinds. Remote controls are perfectly suitable for the operation of separate rooms or floors in both homes and buildings. The MOTION app allows to create scenes and timers, for full automation of the home, and for operation even while away from home. Wi-Fi or remote lost? Blinds can also be operated manually right on the blind with our pull controls. Anyone can do it!

Remote Control

  • Hand remotes
  • Wall remotes
  • Table remote
  • Pull remote

Pull Control

  • Pull wand
  • Pull tassel
  • Pull Chain with Tassel

App Control

  • Create rooms
  • Set scenes
  • Add timers