Coulisse Apps, Automation & Integration

Coulisse’s unique motorization system for interior window treatments offers a solution for all types of shades. It is easy to program and even easier to operate. More specifically, the Coulisse panel blind motor with its patented driving technique is an intelligent, self-learning motor. It is easy to install, program and operate. It’s so silent, you won’t even know it’s there.

The panel blind motor is part of the Absolute Control range for the automation of blinds. Characterized by easy, wireless programming and operation from a distance, all of the motors can be controlled with a single remote. With the Coulisse Solar Strip, a plug and play power supply that works on solar energy, the system is completely wireless. Similarly, the Coulisse Roller Shades offer an ultra-quiet functionality. With uniform movement of multiple shades, minimal-to-no light gaps, and one-touch control, you can enjoy the convenience of these window treatments to maximize your daylight, views, or whatever the end goal may be. These shades provide control from elegant keypads and intuitive hand-held remotes.