Absolute Brackets & Top Treatments

Coulisse by Window Modes.

Absolute 2.0 Metal Brackets

  • Easy, simple installation
  • Cover cap for screws
  • Metal or plastic brackets

Absolute 2.0 Mounting Profile

  • Mounting profile suitable for wall or ceiling
  • Provides a clean design

Semi-Open Cassette & Semi-Open Cassette Covered

  • Luxury installation cassette
  • Perfect for double roller blind
  • Double roller blind closes perfectly when blind is pulled down - with both installation on wall and ceiling
  • No visible screws
  • Almost no light gap on the top due to installation clip

Cassette Square

  • Easy exchange of cover caps (i.e. from swuare to round or to Ultimate) with a minimum number of components: base system stays the same
  • With side channel perfect for black-out
  • Cassette completely closed: bottom bar sinks completely into cassette when blind is pulled up
  • No visible screws
  • Almost no light gap on the top due to installation clip

Ultimate Cassette

  • Designer look
  • Same base as cassette system
  • Different metal finishes
  • Matching bottom bar
  • Available Finishes:
    • Chrome
    • Natural Aluminum
    • Stainless Steel

Day & Night Vertical Dual Bracket & Day & Night Universal Dual Bracket

  • Combine different fabrics in one blind (i.e. black-out and transparent)
  • Elegant asymmetrical version with minimal light gap between fabric layers
  • Symmetrical version for larger blinds and installation on the recess

Vertical Dual Bracket

Universal Dual Bracket


  • Connect multiple blinds covered by one aluminum click on profile with a length of (19 ft)
  • Specially designed intermediate brackets: no more double brackets or extra drilling and screwing
  • A special chain guide prevents for hardware cut-outs
  • Plastic end caps in matching colors
  • Perfect for large windows and commercial buildings
Square Fascia and Dual Bracket