Our Story

Our manufacturing company has a well-established brand name with national recognition, having been around for over 60 years. Serving our customers with products of the highest quality, Windows Modes has been providing window motorizing services since the late 1970’s when the motorized integration first came to the United States.

While our target market resides in the North East, we have designed and fabricated specialty window treatments for projects throughout the states, including California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Colorado, and Vermont. Our design team has even traveled to countries throughout the world as far as Bermuda, Torque and Caicos, Hong Kong, and Peru to develop custom motorized solutions for unique, exclusive properties.

In 1982, brothers Neal and Steve Gary purchased Window Modes. After starting their careers in the window treatment business working out of a garage, they branched out, expanded their capabilities, and gained experience in the professional world. They owned Window Modes exclusively from 1982-2005.

Now, after numerous mergings and growing stages of the company, there are four partners. Neal Gary, his son Leigh Gary, Philippe LaMothe, and Jeff Mandelbaum all work together in the operation of the business.

Window Modes is a fabrication company, offering custom window treatment solutions to custom window treatment providers.